Born in 1995 in Paris from French and Finnish parents, Astrid grew up from age 7 in Tahiti, a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean where people embody mindfulness every day through their visible appreciation of simple joys and of others’ presence.

In 2013, Astrid joined the University of Iowa as a Cross-Country/Track and Field student-athlete studying Premed and Chinese. Soon, however, she realized her passion was not on the track. In Spring 2015, she started engaging in student advocacy and student government-related projects after retiring from a ten-year running career. The Tahitian lady discovered Mindfulness at the same time through Kerri Eness-Potter’s University of Iowa Mindfulness Foundations course.

When Kerri’s course was over, Astrid knew her practice would suffer without the support of a mindfulness group. In August 2015, several Mindfulness students and she gathered to create the organization that is today know as Mindful@Iowa.

Today, Astrid still enjoys mindfulness as a way to connect to the present moment and remember what truly matters. Regular mindfulness practice allows her to increase her ability to focus, keep smiling through the ups and downs of life, and nurture an inner sense of peace and self-awareness that are both necessary to the career she envisions for herself: working through the United Nations towards better universal access to prevention-focused and culturally-competent health care.